Member Highlight - Sarah Lim

It’s not every day that a university student decides to shave all their hair off, but for Monash University student and Monash Sport member, Sarah Lim, the choice to participate in the World’s Greatest Shave wasn’t difficult.

“My hair can always grow back, but people’s lives, once they are gone, can never be revived.”

Sarah Lim
Sarah will be shaving her head bald with on Tuesday 17 March at the Monash Medical Centre.

Sarah is a 4th year medical student studying a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Monash University. Spending time at hospitals, as part of her degree, has put her into contact with cancer sufferers.

“I always love to help people… (at the hospital) I have seen various patients, including cancer sufferers… I can’t do much as I am unable to treat them. Nevertheless, if giving up my hair can raise some funds to help these people I am happy to do it.”

The decision to shave off all her hair for the World’s Greatest Shave wasn’t welcome by some.

“People are shocked as I always have had quite long hair and (didn’t think) I would give that up… I’ve met people who discouraged me to go bald. They did not want me to lose my beautiful hair, but their words have not discouraged me at all."

However most people, especially her father and grandfather, have been supportive of her goal to raise $5,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation.

“I would be so happy and if I reached my target or go over it. It would be one of my greatest achievements in life. I will be very grateful to all my sponsors, not only did they support me; they also did a good deed by funding leukaemia patients.”

Sarah has been a member at Monash Sport since 2012. She enjoys running and swims almost every day .

You can help Sarah and the Leukaemia Foundation by donating to Sarah’s cause, supporting Sarah when she shaves her head 17 March at the Monash Medical Centre, or committing to shave your own hair as part of the World’s Greatest Shave.