Exercise Tip: Summer Exercise

Exercise in hot weather can often be a daunting task. Overexerting yourself in the heat can lead to heat stress, heat stroke or other complications.

However, just because the hot weather is finally upon us, doesn’t mean it’s time to stop exercising regularly. In the hot weather, it’s important to exercise smart, not less.

Below are six handy tips to help you get the most out of your summer workout.
Exercise smarter – avoid working out during the hottest parts of the day, preferably exercising when the sun’s heat is minimal – early in the morning or in the evening. Always keep in mind other fitness options – visiting our indoor fitness centre, or going for a cool dip in the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool.

Hydration – drinking water during a workout in summer is vital to keep you going. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after physical activity. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages as they will de-hydrate you.

Know your limits – know the signs of danger and know your own limits. If you’re feeling the effects of the heat while working out, stop, seek refuge in the shade and rehydrate.

Find a friend –
If you are able to, team up with a friend of family member. You’ll be safer if one of you does experience heat stroke, plus it is more fun and having another person will add extra motivation.

Ease into the weather – let your body adjust to working out in hotter weather. If a day is hotter than what you’re used to working out in, start off slow and build back up to your regular workout.

Dress to impress – wear lightweight clothing with breathable fabrics. Avoid dark coloured clothing; instead opt for something white or similarly light-coloured. Hats are always a good idea to keep the sun off your head. Always remember to wear sunscreen if you’re heading outside.

Nutrition Tip: Christmas Eating

Christmas time is soon - a time to meet with family and friends and enjoy all your favourite Christmas foods. Remember that just because you want to be healthy, doesn't mean that you have to miss out on all the foods which you enjoy over the holiday period - the key is moderation.

See below for some of our favourite tips on holiday eating:

  • Eating a high-fibre breakfast the morning of a big event helps to fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. Good examples are whole grain cereals, fruit or porridge.
  • Before leaving for an event, eat a light healthy snack, such as a half a sandwich, a piece of fruit or some veggies. Remember that it is easier to pass food by if you’re not starving.
  • Try not to linger by the food table. Focus on socialising with friends and family rather than eating. If possible, try to participate in social events that don't revolve around food such as playing a game with the family, decorating the tree or playing with presents.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation
  • If you have a favourite holiday snack, try to have a little bit of it. Take time to enjoy the taste as you eat it. Don't over-indulge - enjoy unhealthy holiday foods in small portions.
  • Christmas is a busy time of the year - don't order fast food because you are too tired to cook. Prepare in advance and stock up your fridge with quick, healthy meals and snacks: fresh fruits, sandwich ingredients, pre-cut fresh vegetables, home-made soups, whole grain breads and cereals.
  • Eat only when you are hungry - just because someone offers you food, don't feel obligate to take it.

New Cycle Studio Opening soon

We are excited to announce that we are improving and enhancing our group fitness facilities by creating a brand new stand-alone Cycle Studio.

The wall wrap is installed with more to come over the week.
 Studio features will include: 
  • Motivating and welcoming training environment
  • Enhanced audio / visual element
  • Improved air handling / cooling system
  • Ease of access to all classes

We are finishing up on the final elements to the studio this week. The new Cycle Studio will open Monday 15 December - come down for a cycle class! See our Clayton Group Fitness Timetable for cycle class times.

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool is Officially Open

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool at Monash Sport, Clayton, was officially reopened this week by Executive Director, Campus Community Division, Vlad Prpich after four months of refurbishment works.

During the opening, Director of Monash Sport, Brett Lavale, announced that thanks to Monash University SSAF funding, Monash Sport’s Water Wise Program - a program teaching beginner adult learn-to-swim classes - would be free to all Monash University students.

(L-R): Director of Monash Sport, Brett Lavale and Executive Director, Campus Community Division, Vlad Prpich
“The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool provides significant benefit to students, as well as members of the broader community, through a range of innovative programs and services. It is part of a truly world class sporting precinct at Monash University, Clayton campus,” Mr Prpich said.

“The University has recognised the significant importance of this facility to the campus experience - [the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool] is a wonderful University asset.”

The essential refurbishment works have replaced the roof structure, retiled the 25 metre Variable Swimming Pool, upgraded the air-handling systems and installed acoustic wall panelling to create a greatly improved aquatic environment and ensure future use.

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool was built in 1982 and is named after the late Doug Ellis, the former visionary Director of Sport and Recreation Association. Thirty-two years on, the pool continues to be an important community asset for Monash.

A canoe polo demo at the opening
 Mr Lavale said at the opening that more than one million sets of feet each year made their way through programs, events, services and facilities operated by Monash Sport.

“Our recent analysis shows that Monash University students who engage in sports, fitness, aquatic or recreation activities at Monash Sport have a higher average course completion rate than the overall student cohort,” he said.

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool has one of the largest learn to swim programs in Victoria and in 2014 taught 500 adults to swim, as well as imparting essential water safety knowledge and skills.

A Swim Fit demo at the opening
The Doug Ellis Swimming pool also employs approximately 50 Monash students as swimming instructors, lifeguards and customer service officers.

Earlier in the year, the pool concourse and change room facilities were refurbished.

Update of Works at Monash Sport

With many refurbishment and maintenance works finishing up at Monash Sport, we are excited to see all our members and customers enjoying the finished spaces.

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool Sauna and Steam room have re-opened from today! Additionally,  the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool complex will be fully open from 6am, this Monday 8 December, where we will also conduct a formal opening ceremony featuring senior Monash University staff and other key stakeholders.

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool at Clayton

The Caulfield Change Rooms will be open soon after a short delay. We apologise to our members and customers for any inconcenience caused.

The Male Change Rooms at Caulfield