Friday Night Live Wrap Up

Monash Sport successfully hosted the inaugural Friday Night Live Event on 25 July, with over 300 students at Monash Sport experiencing the complimentary live sport, music and food.

The night officially opened Monash Sport's Outdoor Presentation Space, and showed off the area as a live music, live sport and entertainment space.

Monash Sport Director, Brett Lavale heralded the newly developed space.

"The sports precinct at Clayton Campus is a significant destination for students on campus and I encourage students to use the improved powered stage, BBQ's and gathering spaces."

"It is a great place to come and be active or to relax - both important aspects of a balanced student life," Mr Lavale said.

Recent analysis demonstrates that Monash University students who engage in sports, fitness, aquatic or recreation activities also have a higher unit pass rate than the overall student cohort.

"This demonstrates that students can achieve a balance between academic endeavours and sport/recreation and, in fact, the two complement each other,' Mr Lavale said.

The night featured the Monash Blues Under 19’s & 3rd XVIII student teams taking on rival VAFA clubs for the first time under the newly installed light towers on the oval.

The light towers were funded by the Student Service Amenities Fee (SSAF) and provide a better quality ground for Monash students, teams and Monash affiliated clubs to train and play matches under.

Additionally, the lights extend training times and allow for use of the ground in the evening and further student use.

Peninsula residential students took on Clayton residential students in a mixed soccer match, with Clayton earning the win in a high scoring match.  The final score was 12 - 6.

Additionally, Monash affiliated lacrosse club Chadstone Redbacks played a ladies lacrosse match.

Monash Ultimate Frisbee (MUF) club enjoyed a mixed training session under the brightly lit fields.

Monash Sport thanks everyone who was able to attend Friday Night Live, and looks forward to the next opportunity to showcase student sport at Monash University.

Monash Games Breaks Records

After breaking participation records set in 2013, Monash Games is over for another year.

Monash Sport's 2014 annual Monash Games had a record 75 teams entered with over 400 Monash University student and 200 Monash University staff competing in the three days of social sport competitions.

Sports played included basketball, futsal, netball, dodgeball and volleyball.

Director of Monash Sport, Brett Lavale, praised the event.

"The Monash Games is a fantastic lead into semester 2 for both staff and students. It is a great way to have fun, compete, be active and social in a team."

"This years competition demonstrated a great standard of sport, but most importantly a great spirit of community from the students and staff who participated," Mr Lavale said.

Over $1,300 was raised for the Ronald McDonald Charity House, with mixed netball team Wii-not-fit raising over $420.

Ronald McDonald Charity House provides a "home away from home", where families with seriously ill children can stay while their children receive treatment at Monash Children's Hospital.

"We raised what we could," said Wii-not-fit team captain, Michael Dower. "Recently one of my friend's parents passed away.  His wife had trouble finding a place to stay... I can't image how hard it would be for a sick child and their parent."

The Charity Houses are particularly important for families from regional areas, who often have to travel hours for their sick child's daily hospital appointments, and don't have family or friends who they can stay with in the city.

"I'm from a regional area and so were most of the team," said Michael. "We can understand how hard (finding a place to stay) is."

The 2014 Games ran with assistance from TeamMONASH who organised over 25 volunteers to help run the games.

"Volunteering shows (people) care about helping others," said TeamMONASH Director, Martin Doulton.

"A volunteering experience builds skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork, cross cultural understanding and presentation skills all which are important for a Uni student to demonstrate they have experience of."

Planning is already underway for the 2015 Monash Games.

Monash Sport thanks all the staff and students who played and volunteered over the three day event, and looks forward to an even bigger competition in next year.

The Winners of the 2014 Monash Games were:

Men's Futsal: Equipo Guapo

Mixed Futsal: Philthy Physios

Mixed Netball: The Ressies

Women's Netball: AUG Women's

Dodge Ball: Can't Dodge This

Men's Basketball: Masters of Melting

And in the winners in the staff challenge included:

Volleyball: Pink Panthers

Basketball: eSolutions Abusement Park

Netball: Psyched 8

Futsal: CSC FC

Doug Ellis Pool Update

The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool roof replacement project has successfully reached the one month mark, and is on track to open within its initial project timeline.

The roof of the aquatic area has been removed with the new roof to be installed soon.

The main pool and leisure will re-open on Monday 20 October, at the commencement of the Term 4 program, with the variable pool opening on Monday 27 October.

The essential maintenance works at the pool will also result in the re-tiling of the 25m Variable Swimming Pool.

This project will deliver important updates to the facility, including:
  • Addressing common defects associated with the ageing pool roof.
  • Upgrading the air handling systems to increase air circulation and customer comfort in the pool hall.
  • Re-tiling the Variable Pool in line with recent refurbishments to the main pool and spa.
  • Providing an improved aquatic environment including the installation of acoustic wall panelling to decrease ambient noise.

Monash Sport will be communicating updates to staff, members and facility users regarding public access availability throughout the project, and looks forward to seeing Monash staff, students and the wider community enjoy the updated aquatic facilities.

Group Fitness Feature: Body Attack

A Beginner Guide To Body Attack

Body Attack is high impact aerobic exercise set to music. Body Attack is safe to do for all ages and fitness levels but does have the (unfair) reputation for being "too hard" for some people to do - this couldn't be further from the truth!

This guide will take you through some of the important things you need to know about Body Attack, the myths and how to get the most out your 55 minutes in the class!

Footwear - wear runners!

Fitness - Some people think they can never do Attack because they are not "fit enough". Attack is designed for all ages and all levels of fitness. As there are low impact options for nearly every move. As you build up your fitness you'll find you can start to do more and more of the high impact options. This will help you track your fitness and see how much and how quickly you are improving. 

Class Structure - Attack is designed around a 55-minute two-peak format with 11 music tracks. Each track has a different exercise focus to challenge your cardio fitness and stamina.
1. Warmup
The focus in the opening track is on big, simple aerobic moves to get the body warm.
2. Mixed impact
This track will take you through an increasing range of moves and footstrikes, preparing the body for the aerobic action ahead.
3. Aerobic
Step up the intensity and range of movement and get into your personal training zone ahead of the peak track to follow.
4. Plyometric
This is where the class hits its first intensity peak, putting the body under load through quick-fire plyometric exercises often used in sports training.
5. Upper body conditioning
Time to bring the heart rate down and recover, as well as building strength. The focus here is on shoulders, chest, triceps and core conditioning work for toning and shaping the upper body.
6. Running
Loosen up again with some free and patterned running and get the legs ready to fire again.
7. Agility
It's now time to test your speed and agility with a big mix of moves and have fun with some class interaction.
8. Interval
Challenge your cardio systems with a series of work-recovery blocks.
9. Power
The final peak where you dig deep and push through powerful moves for maximum effort. Enjoy the group dynamic at the heart of BODYATTACK.
10. Lower body conditioning
Time to recover the heart rate while conditioning the lower body for great shape, condition and tone.
11. Cooldown
Congratulations you made it. Time to recover and stretch.

Try Body Attack today for a rapid calorie burner class that delivers improvements in general endurance and an increase in overall body strength!

Body Attack runs at Clayton, Tuesday 4.30pm and Wednesday 6.30pm!

For more information about Body Attack, or any other group fitness class, see our website.

Information compiled from the official Les Mills website.

Clayton Facility Update

The brand new Outdoor Presentation Space is receiving it's finishing touches, and will be completed in time for Friday Night Live, happening 25 July.

Friday Night Live will feature free live music, sport and BBQ, while debuting the new outdoor area.

The Outdoor Presentation Space will feature a stage, used to host live music at Friday Night Live, new BBQ area and new paving.

The Outdoor Presentation Space has been funded jointly by the Student Services and Amenities Fee and Monash Sport.

Additionally, the pool roof has finally come off, in line with works to be completed to replace the roof - see the pictures below!

Monash Games - You're Helping Make a Difference!

We want to take the time to highlight all those that are helping make a huge difference in the lives of seriously ill children and their families through their fundraising efforts for Monash Games.

On top of the percentage of all 2014 Monash Games registration fees going towards the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC), teams can fund raise on the RMHC website.

CSC FC and Wii-not-Fit have kick started their fundraising campaign, raising over $350 dollars extra.  With 11 days until Monash Games begins, they, and all the other teams, are expected to add more fundraising "heroes" to their lists.
Money raised as at 1pm 11/07/2014

You can donate to another team's fundraising effortsor enter Monash Games with your own team!

Monash Games is an annual event held at the Clayton campus over three days in July. All skill levels are encouraged to take part from beginners to those that are advanced. Sport on offer include: netball, futsal, dodge-ball and basketball.

Ronald McDonald House Monash is located less than 2.5kms away from Monash University Clayton Campus. The House provides a place for families and their sick children to sleep, eat, relax and play to ensure families with sick children have a place to feel at home.

Monash supports Ronald McDonald House

Families of those with seriously ill children who have a home away from home at the Ronald McDonald House Monash, will be supported in this year's annual Monash Games.

TeamMONASH™ and Monash Sport will organise this year’s games, with all donations going towards helping the Ronald McDonald House Monash, which houses children who regularly need to travel to Monash Children’s Hospital for treatment.

TeamMONASH™ Director, Martin Doulton, has encouraged all teams to register and fundraise for this invaluable facility.

“The games are always a fun and friendly environment, with our students and staff looking forward to not only helping to raise money for a worthy cause, but taking part in a sport they enjoy,” Mr Doulton said.

Along with participant fundraising, ten per cent of all registration fees with also go to the charity.

Monash Sport Director, Brett Lavale, who will also be competing at the games, believes this event truly brings out the Monash spirit in all the students and staff.

“This is a truly fantastic event for everyone to take part in, and we look forward to putting this on for students and staff. We are so happy that this year we can also give back to the Ronald McDonald House Monash, and to show an appreciation for all the hard work of those involved,” Mr Lavale said.

To recognise the relationship with the Ronald McDonald House, a photography exhibition profiling some of the children at the house will be held at the Clayton campus, from 11 to 29 August.

The games, which will be held from 23 to 25 July, include a range of options for people to get involved in, including full day sporting competitions, shorter sporting challenges for staff and a call out for volunteers to assist on the day.

Anyone can support the games and Ronald McDonald House Monash by donating online via Everyday Hero.

Read the original story from Monash University here.

Friday Night Live and Free Come and Try - Coming Soon!

Do you love live sport, live music and food (especially if it is free!)? If so, come help us celebrate student sport with our Friday Night Live and Free Come and Try Events!

Free Come and Try

On Friday 18 July from 5 - 7pm and Friday 25 July from 4 - 8pm, we are opening our doors for all students to enjoy FREE access to:

  • Our Health and Fitness Centre
  • Free Badminton
  • Free Squash
  • Free Tennis
To participate in all the action, present a valid student ID at our Clayton Service desk! Please note that access to our Health and Fitness Centre must be through a valid 7 Day Free Trial pass. Simply download a 7 Day Free Trial and present your voucher to the service desk for access.

For more information, see our website.

Friday Night Live

At the end of our second Free Come and Try, on Friday 25 July, Monash Sport invites you to attend our first ever Friday Night Live event!

Enjoy free sport with Free Come and Try, then finish the day off with a free bbq, sport and live music.

Where? Monash Sport Clayton, Outdoor Area
When? Friday, 25 July 2014 starting 4pm
Featuring: Monash Blues Under 19’s & 3rd XVIII student teams take on rival VAFA clubs, Male & female student soccer tournament, Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, plus much more student sport!

For more information, see our website.