Our 500,000 Visitor in 2014

Congratulations to our 500,000 visitor in 2014, Monash University student and Monash Sport Caulfield Member, Adrian Maddaluno!

As a reward, we've given Adrian a free one month health and fitness membership!

Adrian is a regular face at our Caulfield Health and Fitness Center, and couldn't be happier to claim the title of our 500,000 visitor in 2014.

With our 500,000 visitor arriving in June, Monash Sport is in place to hit 1.1 million visits in 2014.

In 2013, Monash Sport received over 1 million visits.

Visits are taken from across our facilities and all campuses and include, but are not limited to, fitness center visits, aquatic facility visits, group fitness class participants and more.

We look forward to hitting our millionth visit in 2014 - will it be you?

Adrian visiting Monash Sport at Caulfield