Report from the Director - Review of Monash Sport Operating Hours

Monash Sport management regularly reviews operating hours and assesses the demands for services and programs. Reviews conducted in late 2017 have resulted in the following changes to operating hours in 2018:
  1. The Clayton Fitness Centre is now open an additional hour on Friday evenings (now closing at 10.00pm compared to the previous time of 9.00pm).  This change was based on feedback from recent focus groups and assessment of attendance trends in the gymnasium on Friday evenings. It has brought Friday operating hours in line with other weekdays.
  2. The Clayton Fitness Centre is now open an additional hour on both Saturday and Sunday evenings (now closing at 7.00pm compared to the previous time of 6.00pm).  This change was based on feedback from recent survey results from gymnasium users, as well as focus groups It also recognises increased attendances from gym members and customers in late afternoon hours, especially between 5.00pm and 6.00pm on weekends, compared with previous years.
  3. The Doug Ellis Swimming Pool opening from 1pm – 6pm on both Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday (compared to previously being closed) due to previously limited demand for access. With the recent changes to membership structures (with pool access included) along with an increase in students living on campus, and increased participation/attendance especially in programs such as Water Wise, recent feedback and attendance trends have justified this change.  Attendances at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool over the Easter weekend demonstrated that there is demand for a level of service provision across this period.
  4. Monash Sport Clayton Campus operating hours on Easter Tuesday (University holiday) have been extended by an additional 3 hours (now closing at 9.00pm compared to the previous time of 6.00pm), enabling access to the facilities across evening hours, including for affiliated sports club training sessions.  This was based on feedback received from members, customers and affiliated sports clubs which have growing participation numbers. There remains further capacity for increased participation across the Easter period at Clayton campus (for example the Clayton Fitness Centre peak occupancy was an average of  55% in the downstairs area and 63% in the upstairs area across Easter) however attendance metrics validated the increased evening hours on Easter Tuesday.
Following the completion of essential maintenance currently underway at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool, attendance trends and operating hours will also be further assessed and reviewed for this facility.  Additionally, attendance trends and operating hours for Monash Sport facilities at Caulfield and Peninsula campuses will also be assessed and reviewed throughout 2018.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Exams

We all know University can be a difficult place all year round, but the exam period is the most
stressful. With this added pressure of the final few weeks of the semester come bad eating, hygiene and mental health.

Let us give you some tips to help you keep your health and wellbeing in check during this stressful period!

1. Eat Healthy. It's easy to slack off on your diet during the long hours of studying and re-watching lectures in the library. With numerous options available on campus such as Sumo Salad, Wholefoods, and Supernatural, there is no reason why you can't be eating healthy during the final weeks of the semester.

2. Work the mind AND body. Did you know exercising helps relieve stress? Check out our Happy Hour offers (discounted court hire 12pm-2pm Monday to Friday), visit our Fitness Centre, or join a casual Group Fitness class to help get the blood pumping and release the stress.

3. Don't give up. The exam period can isolate you very quickly, and it's important that you keep your friends close. When it all starts to get too difficult, your friends will be there for you to talk with and relate to.

4. SLEEP. A good night's rest is necessary for everyone. If you're not getting enough sleep, the mental burden builds up, and your productivity drops quickly. The general goal is to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep per day for the body and mind to recover for another day of studying.

5. TREAT. YO. SELF. With the building pressure, it's important to take time and focus on yourself. That could mean treating yourself to a nice breakfast, going out with friends or booking a holiday for after exams so you have a much-deserved reward to look forward to after all the effort you've put into your exam.

Don't forget, it's not just about the grades - what matters most is your health, so remember to take care of yourself during this exam season!